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Table of Contents

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Today, more than ever, a sense of inner knowing is essential. Making wise decisions with confidence is increasingly vital to happiness, health, even survival. Yet many are at a loss when confronted with difficult choices. That is why having an inner counselor, on whom we can rely, can bring peace and solace.

In this world of confusion, how can we discover the right path? The spiritual self-book How to Hear the Voice of God provides some answers. For the "still small voice" within can lead us safely through the wilderness.

Deep within every soul is a wise sage, the source of wisdom. Hidden like a treasure buried at the bottom of the sea, it can only be used when brought to the surface. This book is a journey into the depths to reclaim the "pearl of great price"-the higher self or God within. This book provides an opportunity to meet and consciously communicate with that inner guru.

A special CD bound into the book helps readers open to the inner voice through a powerful, field-proven guided meditation that tens of thousands have used to successfully develop their intuition in a practical way.

Through this inspiring book, readers will learn:

  • How to meditate and to experience the divine presence directly.
  • How to get clear, precise messages and answers to practical questions from the "in-house counselor."
  • How to release blockages that prevent them from hearing the divine voice.
  • How to distinguish between the true divine voice and other inner voices.

With How to Hear the Voice of God, readers can open the pipeline to Spirit and begin the flow of divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from the center of being within.


Dr. Susan Shumsky has practiced yoga, meditation, and other self-development disciplines for over 45 years. For 22 years she resided in remote areas, including the Himalayas and Swiss Alps, under the tutelage an enlightened spiritual master from India. She is now a full-time professional speaker and author of Divine Revelation, published by Simon & Schuster, and Exploring Meditation, Exploring Chakras, Exploring Auras, Ascension, The Power of Chakras, The Power of Auras, Instant Healing, and Awaken Your Third Eye, published by Career Press, and Miracle Prayer, published by Celestial Arts. 

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Divine Revelation
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To Order our Books, CDs, DVDs, private sessions, etc.,

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Divine Revelation
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Table of Contents

Preface: Who or What Is God?

Part I: Discovering Your Own Wisdom
Chapter 1: God Can Talk to You
Chapter 2: How I Learned to Hear the Voice of God
Chapter 3: The Answer to Everything

Part II: Experiencing Your Breakthrough
Chapter 4: The Four Signposts of Spirit
Chapter 5: The Do-Nothing Way to Meditate

Part III: Practicing Safe Spirituality
Chapter 6: All That Glitters Is Not God
Chapter 7: Clearing the Pathway to God
Chapter 8: Ten Tests of Spiritual Discernment
Chapter 9: Testing the Message

Part IV: Inner Space Adventures
Chapter 10: Misadventures in Psychic Delusion
Chapter 11: Trusting Inner Guidance
Chapter 12: Living in the Heart of God

About the Author

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by Dr. Susan Shumsky
Chapter 1: God Can Talk to You

"Out of heaven he made thee to hear his voice, that he might instruct thee."-Deuteronomy 4:36.

It is a rare gift to be called to hear the voice of God. By reading this book, you demonstrate faith in the prospect that two-way communication with God is feasible. This is indeed atypical. The fact that you even consider this possibility places you in a unique category of uncommon individuals. For example, were you raised in a family, religion, or educational institution where you learned that God could speak to you directly? Few people reading these words can answer "yes."

Many people believe that God exists. Yet few believe that God hears their prayers or answers them. Fewer believe that God is accessible and can talk to them. Exceptional people are willing to allow God to speak to them directly. But only rare, extraordinary individuals act on what God guides them to do. Do you want to be one of these people? If so, you are in the right place.

We are taught from an early age that when we talk to God it is called "prayer," but when God talks to us, it is called"schizophrenia." If you were to enter a psychiatric office today and report that God speaks to you, what would be the reaction? You would be diagnosed with mental illness and walk out with a prescription for psychotropic drugs.

We often read about murderers-even mothers who slaughter their own babies-who claim that voices in their heads told them to commit murder. We hear of cult leaders who believe that God demands that their followers commit suicide. No wonder the widespread belief is that people who claim to hear God's voice are insane.

We are conditioned to believe that the only people sanctioned to have authentic conversations with God are great prophets, saints, holy men (I emphasize the word "men"), and other holy beings that lived at least two thousand years ago in some faraway land. These holy men wrote one book-a book literally written in stone. After that book was written, apparently, God has gone mute-and has not spoken to anyone since.

Right? Wrong.

I believe these holy men have not signed an exclusive contract with God. They have no special combination to a padlocked, hallowed safe with elite access. Some religious institutions would have you believe that they own the secret passkey and, without their sanction, no one can walk through the doorway to heaven.

Billions of people are resigned to the idea that they cannot experience God directly-certainly not while they are still breathing. Sadly, such people eagerly await death, when they will enter the glorious gates of paradise and finally catch a glimpse of God's presence. They never conceive that they could directly experience God in this body during this lifetime.

The widespread belief is that God's blessing and grace are inaccessible without a middleman, such as a pastor, minister, priest, cleric, rabbi, guru, master, shaman, psychic, channeler, counselor, or priestess. Most of these go-betweens have the best of intentions. But, regrettably, either intentionally or unwittingly, some of them become hucksters swathed in a veneer of spirituality, hawking their products to the masses.

Such salespeople have no incentive to help people hear God's voice directly. To use an analogy from the world of sales, if their customers were to have such experiences, then these retailers would soon be out of business. For their clients would "cut out the middleman" and "go direct."

However, it is my experience, and the experience of tens of thousands of people who have used the methods taught in my books or classes, that anyone can hear the voice of God directly.

The Pearl of Great Price

At the risk of giving away the "pearl of great price"-the most precious secret of the ages-on Page 3 of the first chapter of this book, I will tell you right now how you can hear the voice of God. This gift comes with no strings attached. You will not be required to convert to a religion, join a cult, venerate a guru, empty your bank account, or sacrifice your firstborn child. I will tell you right now how to "go direct." So here goes-a simple way to listen to the "still small voice" of God, right here and now, absolutely FREE:

Just sit down in a chair, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, get quiet, still, centered, and balanced within yourself, and then simply-ASK. That is the entire secret. ASK. Ask a question, ask for guidance, ask for inspiration or healing. Then take another deep breath and do what I call the "Do-Nothing Program." That means, do nothing, nothing, and less than nothing. Then the "still small voice" will speak to you in your heart. You will learn this do-nothing method, called Divine Revelation®, in this book.

So the key to hearing God's voice is to ASK. The trouble is that we forget to ask. Or we think we cannot ask. Or we think God is too busy for us. Is God too busy for you? Could God be too busy for anyone? If you believe God is too busy to pay attention to you, then you have a very limited idea of what God is.

God could never be too busy. God is not bound by time, space, or circumstances. Therefore, God cannot get tired or overworked. God does not only pay attention to "important" people and things. Everyone and everything is important to God. God does not play favorites. God is not available to only a select few so-called "holy" people. God is everywhere present and always available to anyone who asks.

The entire premise of this book is "Ask, and it shall be given you."1 How to attain the requisite state of awareness, how to ask, and how to receive the message clearly is what you will learn by reading this book.

Many people have one ten-minute spiritual experience, and then spend the rest of their life talking about it. Dozens of best-selling authors have built their entire career upon that one time when a divine being appeared or spoke to them. However, Divine Revelation is about experiencing God whenever you want-at will. After you have learned how to hear the divine voice, you will receive spiritual experiences as often as you desire. You can call upon God and ask a question, ask for guidance, or ask to experience God, and then receive the answer or experience immediately, whenever you want-day or night. Just ASK.

Diane Wright, a dentist from Tampa, Florida, describes: "Divine Revelation has confirmed my knowing that I can reach my Christ self whenever I want. Just being aware and knowing has increased my consciousness."

Problems Solved by This Book

Throughout 40 years of teaching meditation and intuition techniques, I have often heard the following complaints from my students, to which this book provides practical solutions:

1. "I have never meditated. Do I have to meditate in order to hear the voice of God?"
With this book and in the accompanying CD, you can learn how to meditate and also how to hear the voice of God, whether inside or outside of meditation.

2. "Nothing happens when I try to hear the voice of God. Maybe it works for other people, but not for me. I'm just a brick wall."
In this book you will learn ways to break down the seeming brick wall that has stopped you from hearing God's voice.

3. "How do I know whether it's really God speaking to me, or some other voice?"
In this book you will learn how to distinguish between God's voice and other voices in your mind, such as your ego or wishful thinking.

4. "Isn't it dangerous to listen to inner voices? What if they lead me down the wrong path? Can't I be deceived?"
This book will help you attain spiritual discernment so you can avoid the pitfalls of psychic delusion.

5. "My negative thought-patterns, habits, and conditioning prevent me from hearing God's voice."
In this book you will find specific healing affirmations and prayers that help you overcome negative patterns.

6. "Making the right life decisions is difficult and confusing for me."
In this book you will learn how to ask and receive guidance from the "still small voice" of God within. That divine voice will help you make wise choices.

7. "I am offended by rules and regulations, cults, and coercive organizations."
The universal techniques in this book impose no restrictions and are compatible with other religious philosophies, lifestyles, and personal beliefs.

8. "I don't want to work at difficult, strict, hard-to-follow disciplines."
This book is easy to understand, logical, and practical, with simple-to-learn methods requiring no previous experience, background, training, or knowledge.

Some Benefits You Can Expect

Here are a few of the many benefits you can receive by practicing the methods in this book. Included are experiences of people who have used these techniques to transform their lives:

1. Trusting and following inner guidance.
Linda De Narde, a property manager from San Leandro, California, says: "I feel it is a good idea to use the voice of God as a guide. One day, I was driving in a hurry and not paying attention. I heard this sweet angel voice say, 'Linda look up,' and I did. I was heading right into a parked car on a rounded curve. I quickly swerved and could hear the minor nick as I passed the car, like a click. If I had not looked up, I would have hit the car dead center. I knew I was given grace that day."

2. Making wise and purposeful choices with peaceful confidence.
Dan Ecklund, a physician from Foley, Alabama, says: "Even though I find that dowsing or AK (muscle testing) can be useful confirmatory tests, I find that Divine Revelation works easiest and best for me. I have been asking questions and getting intuitive answers for 27 years, and now I can finally trust my answers! Hallelujah!"

3. Discovering and following your true pathway, true desires and divine purpose, in alignment with your authentic self.
Anita Foster, a massage therapist from Centerville, Ohio, says, "The major outcome for me was a clear call to me from Divine Guidance that it is time for me to acknowledge that the reason I am here on earth this time around is to live my oneness with God."

4. Enjoying a sense of inner happiness and peace in everyday life.
Marsha Campbell, a Unity church administrator from Atlanta, Georgia, says: "Divine Revelation filled me with such a feeling of peace. When I first came across it, I felt tears in my eyes. Then, as I got more into it, what came over me was immense gratitude, more tears, from so much joy of feeling 'that connection.' It was an answer to prayer.
I'm not sure if I am conveying the intensity of my appreciation."

5. Being more self-reliant and less dependent on others by finding answers within.
Victor Cox, from Dallas, Texas, says: "I would like to say that since reading Dr. Shumsky's books and using her teachings, I have received many answers to questions from Divine Spirit regarding my life and my job. These answers have come in the form of visions, inner voices, and signs, just as she says in her books!"

6. Achieving greater self-love, self-acceptance, and inner power.
Libby Maxey, an author from Mount Juliet, Tennesse, says: "God-Self-Universe-every particle of everything spoke thundering through me, to me, as me, in me, around me, resonating vibrating "I AM Thou," and I am not separate, cannot ever be separate, from God-Self or you, or me, or the earth, or the stars, or anything again. It is so utterly simple and so extremely subtle. I can say this and mean it with my whole being: I love God, I love my neighbors, and I love my Self. I Am Thou."

7. Attaining the true freedom that comes from direct contact with God.
Rosemarie Sanchez, from Portland Oregon, writes, "This realm of understanding is new for me and is exactly what I have wanted. After many years of the mainstream way of thinking, this is amazingly freeing. My word of inspiration right now is 'freedom' and even the thought of it provides the feeling of a butterfly in flight. God's love truly puts me on top of the world knowing I can create any possibility for my life I choose."

8. Dwelling in the joyous, comforting, loving presence of God.
Michelle Engel, a schoolteacher from Ashland, Oregon, reports: "Truly, the biggest and best miracle I've experienced is the realization of Divinity within. I feel wealthy in Spirit and am completely fulfilled from within."

9. Putting your life on track and in order.
Timothy Smith, a minister from Boynton Beach, Florida says, "Your teaching has made such a huge difference in my life on so many levels. It was like a light bulb experience. All my studies of religion in my BA degree, Master and on personal levels now made sense with the inner Christ, inner Spirit and inner Being. Suddenly the Christ that I invited into my heart so many years ago was revealed to me. The inner Christ was there all along, I could finally see/know it as a part of me. It seems so simple yet so complex."

10. Discovering life's meaning in spiritual enlightenment.
Albert Marsh, a retired architect from Los Angeles says, "I experienced being 100% egoless. I was led into a blissful emptiness, a total silence, a total state of non-action and Oneness, and a total intense experience of the present moment. There was no emotion, no desire, no need to do anything, only a great peace. I felt like 'Albert' had gone away and I was empty of everything, impersonal. I felt like my ego had been sent down a garbage disposal. Usually when I have a deep experience like this, I have tears of humility and love and joy, but there just wasn't any 'me' left to do anything, there was only pure, peaceful beingness."

10. Knowing God and attaining God realization.
Mark Lebowitz, a physician from Dallas, Texas says, "I recently recalled that when I was 15 years old, my fondest wish was to know God. I just realized that I don't wish for that anymore. Because now, I think I do know Him. I am sure that I will grow to know Her more as I progress, but I have achieved my life-long wish. Thank you, Susan."

My Life in the Ashram

I have practiced meditation and other spiritual disciplines since 1967. From 1970 to 1989, I lived in various ashrams (residential retreat facilities where a student studies meditation and yoga) under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra, and I served on Maharishi's personal international staff for seven of those years.

When I lived in the ashram, I meditated from five to 20 hours per day. I sometimes cloistered myself in my room and did not appear for up to eight weeks at a time. The food was brought to my door. I often fasted for up to two months at a time. I observed silence and did not utter a sound for up to four months at a time. I observed total celibacy. I was an introvert-and that is definitely an understatement.

After spending 20 years with my eyes closed, I woke up one day and realized that I was not a spiritual person. How does a young woman meditate her brains out for 20 years and not be spiritual? Somehow, I managed to do it. You might expect a spiritual person to be kind, loving, generous, gentle, giving, caring, considerate, and patient. Yet I was not any of these things. In fact, I was a "b" with an "itch." Or an "itch" with a "b"-whichever way you want to put it.

In the ashram, every meditation afforded me the glorious experience of satchitananda (absolute bliss consciousness), in the state of samadhi (evenness of mind and stillness of body). The experience of samadhi is one of deep relaxation, profound inner peace, unbounded awareness, and transcendental consciousness.

Yet, daily experience of divine union in samadhi did not make me a kinder, gentler Susan. I was not displaying what I would call "spiritual qualities" in everyday life. Long hours of meditation did not transform my personality. What was missing was the experience of God's beloved presence and God's "still small voice."

My guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi observed silence at the beginning of every year. He would enter his room and not appear until seven days later. Those of us on his personal staff also went into deep meditation and took silence with him. When Maharishi emerged from silence, he often mentioned something like, "I just spoke with Mother Divine, and she said" Maharishi would then describe what the Goddess had told him.

Now you have to understand that, as a disciple of Maharishi, I worshipped him as God. I believed he was on the highest level of consciousness and had all the answers. So when he said that Mother Divine spoke to him, I thought, "Oh, Maharishi is so great and so high. I could never hear the Goddess speaking to me."

Like the vast majority of people, I did not believe ordinary people could ever hear God's voice. I assumed that only people like Maharishi, Moses, or Jesus could talk with God. God was certainly too busy and important to speak to common people like me. But I was wrong. My vision was very limited. Now I know better, because I have experienced the voice of God firsthand. And so can you.

I have taught thousands of people how to listen to the "still small voice" of God. If an ordinary person with no special abilities can learn to hear that voice, then you can, too. This book will show you how.

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from Authors

"Everything you need to know about taking on the vibration of the most high is here. She gives the way to saturate your soul."
--Sondra Ray, Founder of The Loving Relationships Training, and author of 17 books.

"Learning how to hear your inner guidance, which is God directing you, is the greatest blessing. Indeed. You will learn this from Dr. Shumsky's book."
--Terry Cole Whittaker, author, What You Think of Me is None of My Business, How to Have More in a Have-Not World

from the Press

"The 'Voice of God' is an excellent book that provides working tools to enable you to open to that 'inner voice' within. In a step-by-step process, Shumsky shows you how to seek and to find and lists all of the precautionary steps along the way. In a time when we all need to to re-evaluate our world, this book will aid readers in truly creating a new reality based upn the principles of Light and Love."
--Phillip Harris, "All Things That Matter"

"Priceless Guide for Receiving Clear Divine Council: While some spiritual meditation books tend to direct readers toward their particular spiritual orientation, I was pleasantly surprised and then increasingly impressed with the way HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD respects your own unique relationship with God. Shumsky describes in detail how the mind distorts God's message, and how we can work to clear our mental filters in such a way that we are not so easily deceived. I love the way HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD provides ten tests of spiritual discernment, which help to ensure that you really are talking with God, and not some lesser spiritual entity. Instructions for what to do in the event any of these ten tests fail allow you to reconnect with Spirit. Once you have completely read the book, you can then play the companion meditation CD which is packaged in the inside back cover of this paperback book. The meditation CD allows readers to more easily make the transition from simply reading a book to taking the first steps to open dialogue with God. I highly recommend HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD for anyone who is genuinely interested in opening a two-way dialogue with God for feeling greatly expanded sense of divine love, free from judgment and guilt, with healing comfort and genuine divine revelation of an intensely relevant, practical, inspirational and uplifting feeling."
--Cynthia Sue Larson "" (San Francisco bay area, CA USA).

"A guide to developing inner guidance and making wise decisions using devotion: An accompanying meditation cd reinforces the message in HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD, a guide to developing inner guidance and making wise decisions using devotion and guidance. From the basics of meditation and releasing blockages that prevent hearing the divine voice inside to learning to tell the difference between divine and other voices, this is a key acquisition for any spiritual library."
--Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch  

"How to Hear the Voice of God" is simply one of the best, most informative books you will ever read. Regardless of your religious views you will be unable to applaud Susan Shumsky and this beautiful gift she has written. I was so drawn into the text that I had a very difficult time putting the book down. With each page I was drawn in more.

"'This book is an open doorway to all who seek to hear the voice of God. Welcome, all who are burdened with the cares of the world, and find the solace that you seek. You are welcome to the sanctuary of God€™s love. Here you will find what you have sought for lifetimes. You will dive into the heart of God and bathe in the healing pool of God€™s love.' This simple introduction by Susan speaks more than anything of the gift and strength of this book.

"For Susan 'God is the all-that-is, the all-powerful, all-loving, all-embracing source of creation, which bestows love, healing, inspiration, blessings, and grace, whenever you ask.' Regardless of your vision of God, approach this book with an open mind and open heart and you will be able to grow as a beautiful individual and hear the voice of God.

"'Part 1: Discovering Your Own Wisdom,' 'Part II: Experiencing Your Breakthrough,' 'Part III: Practicing Safe Spirituality,' and 'Part IV: Inner Space Adventures,' each offer information to help you grow. 'Your conscious mind is a malleable entity, which can experience anything.' This one simple statement in Part II, Chapter 5 made everything much clearer in my mind. Open 'How to Hear the Voice of God' by Susan Shumsky and read this gift slowly, re-read the parts you don't at first understand; think about each page, each sentence, and each word. Just think..and your mind will open, your heart will fill with understanding. you will hear the voice of GOD!"
--Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views

from Grateful Readers

"This author speaks from experience. Not only has she meditated for years on both the mystical and experiential levels, she has helped literally thousands to meditate on both levels as well. As a truth seeker myself, I have always been looking for more effective forms of spiritual communication, but have always been concerned about the source I was contacting. What type of entity is answering my questions? Is it a former human, an angel, a demon, an impersonator, an alien or an advanced spiritual being? What are the entity's motives for communicating with me? Does it want to inform me, enlighten me, deceive me, or possess me? Every type of scenario is addressed in this book. Susan lays out, step by step, how to safely reach and interact with the desired type of entity. She teaches how to expose impersonators, how to neutralize negative entities, how to heal and redirect annoying entities and how to repeatedly contact the highest, positive spirits. No hype here. Very solid and tested advice."
--Steve (Tustin, CA)

"Most insightful book on developing a connection with God I have read. It empowers the reader. It is clear, simple to understand, and addresses the questions left unanswered by other books I have read."
--Vedeena" (Park City, UT)

"There is an old adage that I'll put as laconically as possible: If you can't dazzle `em with brilliance, baffle `em with bull$%it.....The truth of the matter, from my perspective is; I have no idea which side of the equation (i.e. brilliance or Bulls*&t) this book belongs too. Yes, Dr. Shumsky certainly captured my attention, and the more attention I gave to this book the more I wanted to give. If this book is in fact "brilliance in prose" then Susan has written a manual on the art of Being Transformation (there is a subtle double entendre there - think about it......) If, on the other hand, this book is drivel, then Susan is an exceptional sales woman, whom is out to line her pockets, not help her brothers and sisters attain their divine right to God communion.

This book is marvelously detailed, complete with tables and charts that satiated even my ensconced attitude toward description, analyses and dissection. I found the affirmations to be joyful and empowering and the lessons rampant with knowledge & wisdom. The pudding that one will find the proof in, I think, is the accompanying CD which is a guided meditation that purportedly will aid its listeners to the goal of God communication. I have not listened to this product yet as I want to do so alone, with no distractions, in the proper ambiance - good luck to me......

Clearly written and edited, this book warrants and shall receive 5 stars from me, with the proviso that upon "sufficient study" this book and companion CD delivers what it says it can. I shall endeavor to internalize and practice it's ostensible wisdom. Again 5 stars."
--Matthew J. Schimpf (Niagara Falls, NY)

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